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Black Washed Wall



ProSpec Parking Lot Crack Filler comes in a "direct fire" blend and an "indirect fire" blend. It is specially formulated for maximum adhesion and able to expand and contract with the full range of daily and annual temperature changes.  This allows it to be applied in various regions. The hot application helps it bind to the asphalt while seeping into the pavement cracks. This product is recommended for 1/4" - 1/2" cracks. Both materials are available for purchase by the box or by the pallet (priced per pound).

Black Washed Wall

Indirect Fire Rubber Crackfiller

Direct Fire Rubber Crackfiller

Black Washed Wall
10 Gallon Melter and Applicator.jpg

10 Gallon Direct Fire Walk-Behind Melter and Applicator

30 Gallon Melter.jpg

30 gallon Direct Fire Melter

Screenshot 2024-02-19 133128.jpg

10 Gallon Indirect Fire Walk-Behind Melter and Applicator

Black Washed Wall

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