Hiniker C-Plow



Making it Happen

The C-Plow is one of the strongest and versatile of the Hiniker line.  This thing can move snow even in the tight spots.  Get close to the edge with the touch of a button.  With the pinch-free pivot point trip edge that is 9 inches above the surface, it provides the protection from curbs, parking bumpers or higher obstacles.  

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Push It

Make your path

Just like the straight plow, the C-Plow features a  30-inch tall, high curve, high-density polyethylene moldboard that are dent-resistant and corrosion-free allowing you to push the snow where it needs to go with ease.

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Pull It

Get in close

Hit the switch and watch the moldboard fold allowing you to get close to curbs or parking bumpers, then back drag.  Forget about a rear mounted back dragging unit when you can do it all in one unit.  Pull it where you need it and then fold the moldboard back up to push it to the pile.

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