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Construction, Liquid and Granular De-Icer and Building Material Supply

Locations in Idaho

225 W. Franklin Rd. Meridian, ID 83642

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Hiniker Plows and Spreaders


Calcium Chloride

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What We Can Do For You

Road Construction
  • ProSpec Asphalt Sealant

  • ProSpec Crack Filler 

  • Crack Filler Melting Pots 

Concrete Bucket & Trowel
  • Total Wall Stucco

  • Metals

  • Quikrete

Snow Removal Truck
  • Hiniker Snow Plows

  • Liquid De-Icer

  • Granular De-Icer

7ft Stainless Steel Straight Blade Plow Hiniker
ProSpec - Dust Abatement 38% Calcium Chloride
  • V-Plows

  • Straight Plows

  • C-Plows

  • 38% Calcium Chloride

  • Technique

  • Dust Control

  • Construction Signs

  • Banners

  • Swag



Sage Supply, Inc. has been in the industry since 2001. Since then, we have continued to grow as a company, and we continue to expand our service base. We strive to bring the best products and the most knowledgeable staff to help find what will suit your needs. Sage Supply, Inc. is innovative in the way we process, manufacture, and deliver our services. We hold unique products that cannot be found elsewhere on the market today.


Asphalt Preservation & Supplies

Sage Supply, Inc. carries several products for asphalt maintenance and sealcoat application. Sage Supply, Inc. distributes ProSpec sealcoat, which is made right here in Idaho. This product is designed specifically for the protection of your asphalt, and we are one of the only companies that carry a warranty on our product. We have several options for individuals looking for bulk quantities. We also carry tack oil, pot-hole patch, ProSpec crack filler, crack filler melting pots, paint, brooms, squeegees, and much MORE!

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Stucco & Stucco Supplies


Sage Supply, Inc. also carries Total Wall Stucco. We can tint it to the color of your choice or we can color match your sample with the best color matchers in the intermountain region, right here at our Meridian location. We offer delivery right to the jobsite and offload without the use of a forklift with our specifically designed self-unloading pallet roller trailer. We hold various supplies for your EFIS systems and your Hard coat systems. These materials are ranging from wire products, foam, trowels, staples, Quikrete, scaffolding, and MORE!


Winter Maintenance & Supplies

Don’t forget about winter! Sage Supply, Inc. is a certified Hiniker plow dealer. We carry straight plows, V-plows, C-plows, scoop plows, and others right at our Meridian location. Our certified Hiniker technicians will install and maintenance your Hiniker plow right in Meridian.
We distribute liquid Calcium Chloride De-Icer, HICO. We have tanks that fit in the back of your truck and we install spray systems. We provide storage tanks to be left at your preferred location to be refilled. We deliver straight to your location and we provide fills at both location. We also carry calcium chloride pellets for de-icing your outdoor walkways.

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1,000 Gallon Water Trailer

This Trailer Is KING!

Forget those little 500 gallon trailers. This trailer drowns the competition. Versatile for whatever job comes your way. This trailer offers easy operation and easy repair. Use it for ice melt, dust abatement, irrigation, mobile wash, emergency firefighting, or whatever comes your way. With two  6,000 lb torsion axels and a heavy duty frame, this  baby can handle the load!

Potable Water Trailer

This water trailer is designed with your community in mind. 1,000 gallons of Potable Water can be dispatched to communities in need during small emergencies or even large emergencies. The heavy duty frame and high clearance makes it possible to get to the hard to reach locations. Great for mobilizing to the mountains to provide firefighters with drinking water during hot summer wildfires. Multiple options available to keep your operations moving.


Sage Supply Inc. is a privately-owned Idaho-based company that has been in business since 2001.

What We Offer:


 Sage Supply Inc. is proud of our branded ProSpec Sealcoat. This is a unique formula, known as long lasting, durable and the blackest drying sealcoat in the market. ProSpec Sealcoat is a mineral-fill, water-based, asphalt emulsion material that is both environmentally friendly and protects your pavement from the ravages of UV and water damage. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, utilizing proprietary automated production techniques to ensure a quality product every time. We also carry ProSpec Crack Fill, as well as manufacture the MA-10 10 Gallon Walk Behind Melter/Crack Filler right here in Meridian, ID. We carry the supplies to prep for sealing, apply sealcoat, cleaners for pavement maintenance, and much more. Visit either location and gain the knowledge and supplies that you need for successful application.

Sage Supply, Inc. is affiliated with Twin Falls Signs. This sign shop specializes in MUTCD Spec signs. These signs include most construction signs, street signs, and portable roll-up signs. Not only do they offer traffic signs, but also real estate signs, banners, custom decals, personal signs, vehicle wraps and MUCH MORE!

Both locations carry an array of safety vests (Class II and Class III), hi-vis sweatshirts, jackets, and parkas, and hard hats.


 Sage Supply, Inc. works with Road Work Ahead Traffic Services.  They provide Traffic Control Services to all of Southern Idaho. They also provide Traffic Control Planning to help make your job site safe. They sell new and used traffic control equipment to fit your needs.

Call today with any questions! 

Twin Falls (208)734-4444 --- Meridian (208)567-6542

***Emergency Response (24/7)***


Contact us today!

Thank you for your interest in Sage Supply Inc. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Sage Supply or questions about the services we provide to our clients. You can stop by, call us or e-mail us and we will direct you to the appropriate person. We look forward to hearing from you!

Office Locations

225 W. Franklin Rd.

Meridian, ID 83642 


729 Commercial Ave.

Twin Falls, ID 83301


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